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Founded 2006

The Warehouse Project

Started in 2006 by Sacha and his business partners Sam Kandel and Rich McGinnis, The Warehouse Project the event has now run for 12 weeks between September and January 1st fo 17 years.

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The Warehouse Project was started in 2006 by Sacha and his business partners Sam Kandel and Rich McGinnis. Since then, the event has run every year for 12 weeks between September and January 1st.

The World’s Favourite Night Club

Whilst others were discussing the downfall of Manchester’s music scene, arguing that the city’s best days were behind it, Sacha, Sam and Rich could not have disagreed more and were working to prove this by establishing a new and unique event.

Thus, The Warehouse Project was born.

The event started life inside Boddington’s Brewery next door to Strangeways Prison before moving to an ex-air raid shelter on Store Street following reports that music leaking out of the corrugated roof every weekend was disturbing inmates - even writing to the founders requesting CDs of various sets.

Since then they have operated at Victoria Warehouse and Mayfield Depot - its current home and a move that saw it not only become the biggest nightclub in the UK with a 10,000 person capacity but also on par with the current Guinness World Record holder of the largest nightclub in the world - Privilege in Ibiza.

The potential for The Warehouse Project’s success was clear from its first year, in which it attracted 100,000 people. It has continued to sell out annually since then and was even named the World’s Favourite Nightclub in 2023.

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